Below is a list of the most common issues people write in about. We hope you don't run into any of these, but in the off chance you do, we hope this helps!

Blank white screen


There are a few symptoms of the same issue:

  1. When I start PopSQL, I just get a blank white screen
  2. I'm trying to connect to my database, but when I click Connect or Save, I get an error saying Cannot read property 'disabledFeatures' of undefined.
  3. When I try signing into PopSQL, I get an error saying Sorry, that link has expired


This usually means something is wrong with your configuration file at ~/.popsql.json. Try Help > Troubleshooting > Open Configuration File. Try setting the contents of that file to this and then restarting PopSQL:

  "servers": []

If you're on Linux/Ubuntu and seeing a blank screen, you may not have libgnome-keyring0. You can install it like this:

sudo apt install libgnome-keyring0

And then restart PopSQL.

Schema won't load


I connected to my database and I'm able to run queries, but when I click the Schema tab in the top left, I can't see my schema (eg tables, columns, etc). My autocomplete won't work either.


  1. Ensure you're not filtering your schema
  1. Try clicking the Refresh Schema button
  1. Try clearing your PopSQL cache by clicking Help > Troubleshooting > Clear Cache and Restart

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