Assigning Roles

The difference between Viewer, Explorer, Editor, and Admin roles.

On PopSQL, there are four types of user roles: Admins, Editors, Explorers, and Viewers.

Admins have access to every resource

Admins can change any of your organization's settings. They can also access and edit any resources in your team's account. For example, they can edit a query even if the query is set to view only. The only thing they cannot see are credentials for connections that have not been shared with them.

Editors can create, edit, and run SQL queries

For any teammate who wants to edit or create queries, they will need to be assigned the editor role. This also applies to creating and managing other things like charts, dashboards, and query variables.

Explorers can refresh queries and dashboards

The explorer role is much more restricted than an editor, but can still run queries and refresh dashboards. They cannot set up scheduled queries or schedule refreshing dashboards. Explorers cannot create new queries or dashboards, and they cannot edit SQL queries. The only changes they can make to queries would be to update query variables and re-run the query (or refresh the dashboard) for new results.

Currently the Explorer role is disabled for all organizations by default. If you want access to this role, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our support team at [email protected].

Viewers are free read-only teammates

When a new teammate joins an organization, they will automatically join as a Viewer and be free. As long as the Viewer does not click on "Run" or "Refresh" or try to edit a query, they will maintain their free Viewer role.  This is typically a good role for those who are emailed or slacked reports or perhaps browse through your organization's dashboards.

By default, there is a setting on your account that will allow a Viewer to become an Editor, automatically, if they click "Run" or "Refresh". If you would like to turn this off, you can reach out to [email protected], and we can turn this setting off for your organization. With this setting turned off viewers will not be able to run or edit any queries.

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