View Your Schema


To view your schema, look for the schema browser button in the navigation bar on the left edge of the app:

Select a database

Use the connection and database chooser dropdown buttons at the top of the panel to select a server to browse:

Refresh your database schema

To refresh your schema, click the refresh icon:

Show or hide schemas

If you have multiple schemas (eg PostgreSQL) or datasets (eg BigQuery), you can use the schema filter to select which to display:

Search for tables, columns, etc.

Type a search term to filter your schema data and quickly find what you are looking for. You can filter the results by data type.

Troubleshooting schema refresh

I connected to my database and I'm able to run queries, but when I click the Schema tab in the top left, I can't see my schema (eg tables, columns, etc). My autocomplete won't work either.


  1. Ensure you're not filtering your schema
  1. Try clicking the Refresh Schema button
  1. Try clearing your PopSQL cache by clicking Help > Troubleshooting > Clear Cache and Restart
  2. Contact PopSQL support for help

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