Open Links in the Desktop App

You can access your PopSQL files via their unique URL. These can be used to open the file in the browser, or in the PopSQL desktop app.

When you open a file link

When you click on a PopSQL link, PopSQL will open the link in the browser by default.

When you open your first file, you'll see an alert when the file opens. PopSQL will ask you: Do you want to open this file in the desktop app?

  • To continue to view the file in the browser, click No, thanks.
  • If you'd like to open the PopSQL file link in the desktop app, click Open in app.

To remember your choice for future links, check the box next to Remember choice and select either option. This will store your choice in your preferences, so you won't see the notification again.

If you click Open in app, PopSQL will open the desktop app and load the file. You will still be able to view the file in the browser, click open this link in the browser.

Update your link preferences

If you want to open all PopSQL URLs in the desktop app, you can enable the Open links in desktop app when possible setting. You can find this in your Preferences.

  • Click on your personal icon in the top bottom corner
  • Select Preferences in the menu
  • Select the checkbox for Open links in desktop app when possible

A check mark will be displayed next to the setting to show it is enabled. If there is a check next to the the setting already, you can select the setting again to disable it.

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