Version History

If you're on the Premium Team plan, you can view unlimited history for your SQL query and restore your query to any point in time. Whenever you execute your query, we save a snapshot and record the diff.

To access your history, click the Version history link beside the Run button:

alt textalt text

Now you'll be able to see the history for your query:

alt textalt text

Versions are automatically saved when you run your query. If you click the Revert button, PopSQL will create a new version, and the statement will match the red highlighted text.

Integrate with GitHub

Once you connect a repo to PopSQL, if you make a change in PopSQL, it gets pushed to GitHub, and if you make a change on GitHub, it gets pushed to PopSQL. This gives you more control of your data. For example, if you need to make a bulk change to your SQL queries (ie a table name change), you can easily do a find and replace, push to GitHub, and the changes will be reflected in PopSQL. This feature is available in our Enterprise plan. Please contact us if you'd like to add it to your plan.

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