Q: Prior to the June 2023 plan updates I had access to schedules and dashboards but now I do not. Will I still have access to my earlier work?

A:Yes, you will still have access to all of the work you created when there was access. The only difference is that now you will not be able to create any duplicates and new queries or dashboards past the limit, you will instead be met with an upgrade window. For schedules, all existing schedules will run as specified initially, but the creation of new schedules will have limits and frequency options that adhere to your plan.

Queries Limits

  • Free: 10 queries
  • Premium, Business, Enterprise: Unlimited

Dashboard Limits

  • Free and Premium: 2 dashboards
  • Business and Enterprise: Unlimited

Schedule Limits

  • Free: 2 schedules, weekly frequency
  • Premium: 2 schedules, weekly or daily frequency
  • Business: Unlimited schedules, weekly, daily or hourly frequency
  • Enterprise Unlimited schedules, weekly, daily, by the minute frequency

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