Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find this full list of keyboard shortcuts inside of preferences in the app too!

For Windows/Linux, just replace Cmd (⌘) with Ctrl.

Keyboard shortcuts Keys
Connections ⇧⌘O
Dashboards ⇧⌘D
dbt ⇧⌘U
Explore ⌘E
Notebooks ⇧⌘Y
Preferences ⌘,
Queries ⇧⌘E
Quick switcher ⌘K
Run query ⌘Enter or ⌘R
Schema ⇧⌘X
Tab: navigate to specific ⌘1-9
Tab: new/close ⌘N
Tab: next/previous ⌘}
Toggle left sidebar ⌘`
Editor shortcuts (while your cursor is in the editor)Keys
Beautify SQL ⇧⌘B
Column (box) selection ⇧⌥ + drag mouse
Copy line up/down ⇧⌥↑
Delete line ⇧⌘K
Find next/previous ⌘G
Find text within your query ⌘F and ⌘⌥F to replace
Fold/Unfold region ⌘⌥]
Indent/Outdent line ⌘]
Insert cursor ⌥ + Click
Insert cursor below/above ⌥⌘↑
Move line up/down ⌥↑
Select enclosing brackets/parenthesis ⇧⌘9
Select line ⌘L
Show command palette F1
Show keyboard shortcuts control⇧?
Toggle comment ⌘/
Zoom in/out/reset ⌘+

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