Connecting to MongoDB

Note: PopSQL supports MongoDB only as a cloud connection. Additionally, the connection is only supports using the mongodb+srv protocol.

  1. Open the connections page in preferences, see managing connections for more information.
  2. Click the Add new Connection button at the top of the connections page.
  3. Select MongoDB from the list.
  4. Give a Connection name for your own internal reference.
  5. Enter your Hostname.
  6. The default Port for MongoDB is 27017, although your port may be different (read more).
  7. Enter your desired Database.
  8. Enter your your MongoDB Username and Password.
  9. Share the connection with your team.
  10. Hit Connect and you're all set!

There will not be a schema in the left sidebar for MonoDB since it does not have the same table and column structure as a SQL database.

alt text

Happy querying! 🍭

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