Private PopSQL Environment

PopSQL can be deployed on-premises or in your own private cloud environment, either as fully or self-managed options. For both options, you will have to go through

  • For doing the fully-managed deploy, we partner with Release, which provides us access to your cloud to professionally manage your PopSQL installation on your behalf.
  • For the self-managed option, we will provide you a set of deploy artifacts (instructions, Dockerfiles, etc.) and you will own both your data and the full operation of it.

For both options, we setup infrastructure is roughly similar, where PopSQL is made up of the following running services:

  • Backend server (includes separate "worker" machines)
  • Webapp
    • Client app
    • Presentation links
  • WebSocket server
  • (optional) Query Analyzer
  • (optional) dbt server

Backing these, we use a PostgreSQL database, as well as caching provided via Redis and Memcached. Long term data, such as run results or schemas, are stored in S3 and we use Firebase for realtime collaboration features.

For a fully-managed on-prem deploy, we strongly recommend creating a separate AWS organization for PopSQL environment.

Updates for both self-hosted deployment options will be provided on the same regular release cadence.

What’s Next
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