Self-Managed Deploys


As an alternative to the fully-managed deploy option, we also offer a self-managed option. For this, we will provide to you a set of release artifacts (documentation, Dockerfiles, etc.) that can be used to stand up PopSQL and its various services within your environment. Additionally, we will provide a sample docker compose network which can be used as a basis point for your own setup. At this time, we do not provide helm charts, or other specialized deploy artifacts, as we are currently aiming to provide a generic setup that can be applied by anyone.

Access to the Dockerfiles for the various services will be provided to customers via a private registry that you will need to login to access.

Configuration of the various services is done via environment variables, that can be read from AWS SSM Paramater Store via chamber, or injected into the container when it is run. These variables will be stuff like credentials for the database, S3, Firebase, URLS for the different services, etc.

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